The Henry Clay People release new EP in May

Published on April 19th, 2011
Henry Clay People Release This Is A Desert EP
Premiere “The Winter Song” Video On Consequence of Sound +
“California Wildfire” Single On Aquarium Drunkard

Play Los Angeles At The Satellite May 13th and 14th

LA Times : “If brains were noise, they’d be The Henry Clay People.”

Spin : “The Henry Clay People specialize in raggedy power chords, barreling piano, and desperately boyish vocals — what Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers would sound like if they’d taken temp work and listened obsessively to Crazy Horse.”

Paste : “Amid pounding E-Street keys and scuzzy guitar squall, brothers Andy and Joey Siara intone anthem after townie anthem with the cadence of Stephen Malkmus and the brassy enthusiasm of The Hold Steady.”

MTV News : “These Glendale, California shaggy dogs bring a West Coast halo to thebleary-eyed barroom rock perfected by the Hold Steady and the Replacements.”

Aquarium Drunkard : “If pissing into the wind had no consequences, it would be called The Henry Clay People. They’re the embodiment of un-tethered, I-don’t-really-give-damn exuberance, but their music isn’t an act of futility or recklessness. It’s intentionally untamed, wild with a purpose.”

KEXP : “This LA band’s 2nd album is a remarkable set of classic-sounding indie-rock with clear echoes of Pavement, the Hold Steady, the Replacements and early Built to Spill, but they find their own voice with detailed songs that split the difference between sardonic and heartfelt when describing the music scene, living in debt and working part-time, transforming everyday subject matter into raging, celebratory anthems for slacker rock ‘n’ rollers and other folks just trying to make ends meet.”

LA Record : “First of all, I don’t believe this came out of Los Angeles…”

You Ain’t No Picasso : “There’s so much that’s right about The Henry Clay People…”

My Old Kentucky Blog : “It’s a boozy, late-night party, high-pitched voice over those and jangly guitars that seems to be bringing good ol’ rock ‘n roll music back to L.A…”

Fresh off the full length release of “Somewhere On The Golden Coast” and months of touring with The Drive By Truckers, Against Me, and The Silversun Pickups, The Henry Clay People wasted no time diving back into the recording studio and surfacing with “This Is A Desert”, a five track EP to be released in May on TBD.  “This Is A Desert” is a collection of the familiar and a daring exploration of the new.
On the opening track “The Honey Love He Sells” The HC Peeps show off their punky side, like an early Replacementsesque kick in the teeth. On the other end of the spectrum the track “The Winter Song” displays a fresh, dense, and relatively bizarre production of what would otherwise be a straight ahead slacker ballad, kicking off with a doozy of an opening line:

“If you’re feeling lost then maybe we’ll get found…we’ll kill some time watching cars drive by…we’ll make some messes just to clean up…drink our faces numb or maybe fall in love for the first time since the last time…”

Zeroed in on this earnest spunk, we find The Henry Clay People writing their most mature music yet.  “This Is A Desert” acts as both an addition to The Henry Clay People’s already impressive discography and acts a an audible evolution of their approach to indie rock and roll.

Track List

1.)   The Honey Love He Sells

2.)   California Wildfire

3.)   The Winter Song

4.)   This Is A Desert

5.)   It Isn’t The Waiting

JOEY- Voice and Guitar
ANDY- Voice and Guitar
JONATHAN- Voice and Bass
JORDAN- Piano and Voice

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