Ryshon Jones – Hope Is A Dangerous Thing (Mixtape Download)

Published on January 15th, 2014







The Phili native, Ryshon Jones, drops his first mixtape of the year, Hope Is A Dangerous Thing. A project that is his most focused and versatile releases to date. HIDT has Ryshon delving into his usual introspective, and societal subject matter over a more mature, and diverse beat selection. Beats are gravitated more subtly to his style and subject matter, complementing him almost perfectly throughout the project. Weaving in and out of poetry, small skits, and guest appearances, Ryshon creates and shifts the atmosphere of the mixtape subtly, and sometimes drastically, creating a cohesive and thought provoking project. From 96wrld’s creepily inventive production on My Pressure Is Conceited, shifting to Ryshon’s “rendition” of trap music on the HI$TO produced Current, and ending with Thelonious Martin providing an amazing canvas for Ryshon on Three Kay, we are treated to one of the most focused yet adventurous mixtapes Ryshon has created.


Download: Ryshon Jones – Hope Is A Dangerous Thing

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