Vic Spencer – F.A.N. (Funny Ass Niggas) (Music Download)

Published on April 9th, 2014











This year Vic Spencer is truly trying to show his lyrical dominance as he is dropping rapid fire bars over dominant and sometimes vintage beats. F.A.N. (Funny Ass Niggas) is no different.

Heres a synopsis on how the track came about…

“On a Tuesday morning, Vic Spencer is at The Condo, a studio where long time friend/engineer DC is working on mixes of Vic’s upcoming album. While DC work, Vic is digging in the crates for rare loops and finds a rare Roc Marciano verse of a record called Chain Smoking and that was just the beginning. He continued to dig and discovered 3 more loops produced by one of Spencer’s favorite producers, 9th Wonder.

“I want to name this Funny Ass Niggas”, Vic says with a huge smile on his face. “Put all 4 beats together, DC. It’s so much to say.”

End result is FAN (an acronym for Funny Ass Niggas), four 16-bar verses dedicated to the people that be acting “funny” or “funny-style” with their own kind. With flows like this I know what to expect from Vic Spencer forthcoming album.”

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