Still Rain – Bitter Black Water – Album

Published on February 15th, 2011

“Still Rain” out of North Carolina were a soon to be hit with the 90s hard rock/alternative music scene. The band had a great fan base but split and all went on to bigger named bands..sevendust..stuck mojo..doubledrive..and now even evanescence.  Their second album was their last and soon to be impossible to find. The band has now regained the respect they deserve with a re-release of there second album ‘Bitter Black Water’ on 2/8/2011.  If you have  hard rock or metal ears this is for you.It is like reliving those years of 90s rock packed into an album.  Sharing a stage with bands like Alice and Chains and  Sound Garden would have suited Still Rain swimmingly.The album describes what hard rock is all about. Some great musicianship with full and heavy guitars.  From the first cuts of the album with smashing songs like “Pain” and “so fake” to finish, with “Dawg” the album rocks. Listen to the album straight through to sink into these fine musicians craft.

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