A Bloody Good Time!

Published on October 3rd, 2011

THE A.D.D. interview w/ the Bloody Jug Band’s Cragmire Peace
Interview w/M.A.Rivera

The Bloody Jug Band

Orlando, Florida’s The Bloody Jug Band is a one of a kind revival of a near forgotten art form, with a twist. The band leans heavily on the influence of Jug bands which peaked in popularity in the late 1920’3 and early 30’s. Jug bands were originally travelling vaudeville acts which generally consisted of musicians playing homemade or found instruments such as the washtub string bass, spoons, washboard, and not to overstate the obvious, the jug. TBJB are strictly musical purists, singing about murder, mayhem and darkness. Along with their own songs TBJB offer unique reinterpretations of tracks by Judas Priest, The Misfits, and Johnny Cash.
Founding member and Lead Vocalist Cragmire Peace takes a moment from conjuring evil in all it’s forms to discuss all things Bloody.

Is there one artist or song that inspired what you’re currently doing?
Just One? Initially i’d say we were inspired by artists like Reverend Peyton’s BIG Damn Band, Tom Waits and Johnny Cash, in regards to being a catalyst for the BJB’s creation. But, with an 8-piece band there are a lot of different personalities, influences and upbringings that come into play. So, since our inception many other artists and inspirations have influenced our sound and direction.

What plans do you have for the near future?
Currently we are working with an amazing Producer, named Justin Beckler, to record our first full length album. In addition to that, we are planning some mini-tours, a music video shoot, and the creation of more JUG-ly merchandise for our fans.

Who or what do you enjoy listening to at the end of a long day?
I personally listen to a lot of modern Americana music, but can also be found escaping into a mix of old Misfits, Motorhead or even Bob Dylan albums. Aside from the mass produced music on CD, there is nothing I enjoy more than going to see a local original band do their thing at the end of a long day. It inspires me, and keeps fuel in my tank when being a musician becomes less than glamorous.

What’s the most absurd request an audience member has ever made?
Well, anyone requesting well known cover songs from us is a pretty absurd thing in its own respect. No ‘Free Bird’ coming from this band!!! But, one request I do love to hear is when people yell out, “Play the Herpes Song!”. Of course, they are refferring to one of our original songs entitled, HER BLOOD, but just hearing them yell that out is fairly entertaining and absurd at the same time.

Hardest thing about having a band this size?
Logistics!!! Playing gigs far out of town is the worst for us, because we always need to rent a large vehicle, which adds to our costs, bottom line…etc. But scheduling/booking isn’t as hard as people think, simply because we have a large band…but filled with very committed and engaged people.

Who’s your favorite minor character in a movie or book? Why?
My choice would be Renfield, played by Tom Waits in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Quirky and Insane always bodes well in my book…and Tom Waits is one hell of an actor in this roll. I love seeing talented people delve into different genres and art mediums.

What would your “Accidentally leaked” home made video reveal about you to the public that they don’t already know?
Hmm…that I have a HUGE (*LOL, what would you expect me to say???) love of cats, spirituality, and helping others. I feel a lot of that gets overshadowed because of our dark themed music. But anyone who has taken the time to engage any individual members of the BJB will quickly realize we are a bunch of genuine people who also care a lot about our community, helping children and inspiring others just as much as we love being creative and making good music.

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