Come Along for Doll Parts Panty Raid

Published on February 18th, 2012

Doll Parts

Panty Raid

Stiff Pole Records, 2011

Alternating pop-punk with pissed than you’ll ever be scream along hardcore, Doll Parts serve up an impressive debut, with this eye catching bubblegum/nipple shade of pink vinyl LP.

There are songs about boys and break ups and everything about Doll parts is catchy, pissed off fun that begs for repeated listening. “Met a Boy,” “Appleseed,” and “Truth be Told” are all stand out tracks, fueled by buzzy guitars tuned like an a thousand angry bees, and driven by a solid rhythm section that never holds back. On “Mascara Smears” the singers laments she’s “Just a girl/that’s in the way.”  I don’t think she believes it and neither should you.

With twelve solid numbers that’ll make you want to jump up and down, this release comes with a digital download, but this is as good a reason to buy that turntable you’ve been eyeballin’ for the past two months.


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