Memoryhouse: Making Musical Strides

Published on February 22nd, 2012

Since their well received debut EP, The Years, sated the thirst of lo-fi and ambient music goers alike, the Canada based duo, Memoryhouse, is set to release their newest and much anticipated album, The Slideshow Effect. In contrast to their former “bedroom project” EP, The Slideshow Effect embraces a directive approach to experimentation as the 10 track album yields an impressive ingenuity and natural aesthetic to their production and composition.

Evan Abeele and Denis Nouvion’s album elicits a visceral reaction as each song purges with raw emotion that is emulated in Nouvion’s organic vocals and the duo’s visual- rendering instrumentals. The whole album reaps of nostalgic 80’s shoegazy goodness of the likes of The Coctaeu Twins and My Bloody Valentine. Even much of their acoustic arrangements such as Bonfire and Kinds of Light  are very reminiscent to the solo work of a less obscure and more mellow, Kevin Shields . Intricate delayed guitar riffs are creatively woven into a plethora of other instruments such as the lullaby-esque xylophone in All Our Wonder, and the somber array of violins in Little Expressionless Animals.  Saturated upon layers and layers of reverb and acoustic drenched guitar melodies, Punctum, is one of their most memorable tracks off the album that resonates within the listeners as it grasps them by the ears, purging it with fluid timbres of instruments and soothing vocals.

Although, The Slideshow Effect pronounces great musical strides for the duo, the album still retains some of the essential elements that the album, The Years, accented into defining Memoryhouse’s distinct sound. Their cathartic and empathetic lyrics that set upon a melancholic, intimate monologue mixed with their dark atmospheric aura, is very reminiscent of the early 2010 Memoryhouse.

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