Justin Jones-Fading Light

Published on May 13th, 2012

Based out of WashingtonD.C., acoustic rocker Justin Jones is surprisingly forthcoming regarding his struggles with addiction, touting his new album, Fading Light, as a reawakening of sorts.  The single, “My Father’s Gun”, is one of the most vivid tracks on the album, and it is a beauty. The track starts off unhurried with a simple succession of blues chords, a sturdy beat and Jones’ honeyed vocals evoking a strained desperation. The track unfortunately loses some of it’s edge when Jone’s fuses a generic pop rock sound into the chorus, but he manages to save it with his understanding for the significance of the pauses between notes to conjure poignant respites and his propensity for soul.

Jones proves to be a thoughtful and provoking songwriter, drawing from his own suffering and shortcomings that chronicle a history that started in rural Virginia where he grew up; upon listening to his album one almost feels as though he has left behind a piece of himself in each song, a documentation to where he has been. His lyrics are potent and the melodies are visceral, lacking any pretensions. Fading Light is a testament to talent and determination, a great mix of twang and melancholy folk. He wasn’t lying when he said that Fading Light was his rebirth, with “My Father’s Gun” Justin Jones proves that he wakes up with a bang.

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